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Motiv 79: Maximilian Metze, Julie Ann Pownall, Nicole Lüttich Foto: Schultz

2014: Barefoot in the park
by Neil Simon

tn_Barefoot-28 tn_Barefoot-20 tn_Barefoot-64
tn_Barefoot-65 Fotos: Heiner Schultz Barefoot-85

2014: The bank job
by Martin P. Koob

Bank_Job_04   Bank_Job_50
Bank_Job_95 Fotos: Heiner Schultz Bank_Job_80

2014: Oleanna
by David Mamet

Oleanna_38 Oleanna_40 Oleanna_41
Wolfgang Meier und Nina WilhelmiFotos: Heiner Schultz

2013: True Magic
by Evan Guilford-Blake

True_Magic_005 True_Magic_037 True_Magic_041
True_Magic_059 True_Magic_087 True_Magic_107
True_Magic_121 True_Magic_127 True_Magic_135
True_Magic_137 True_Magic_151 True_Magic_153
Fotos: Heiner Schultz

2013: 2 x NYC
"A Visit to the Bronx" by Sharon Cooper and "Revival" by Greg Turner

Visit_09 "A Visit to the Bronx" Visit_12
(v.l.): Kathrin Wienzek, Sergej Gil, Albina Wiens und Larry Henry.
Fotos: Schultz


"Revival": Wolfgang Meier, Gaby
Hopfenmüller, Aliye Inceöz

"Revival": Maximilian Krause,
Nina Wilhelmi, Aliye Inceöz
alle 4 Fotos:
Heiner Schultz
"Revival": Maximilian Krause,
Nina Wilhelmi

"Revival": Maximilian Krause,
Nina Wilhelmi

2013: The little dog laughed by Douglas Carter Beane

Little_dog_01 Little_dog_02 Little_dog_03
Little_dog_04 alle 5 Fotos
Heiner Schultz

2013: Who´s afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee

Julie Ann Pownall, Martin P. Koob, Nina Wilhelmi, Simon Birkrnstock

2012: An Inspector Calls by John Boynton Priestly

Vikram Singh, Evelyn Braet, Jan Kairat, Brigitte Röbke, Sergej Gil, Jennifer Sittler, Alexander-Lars Dallmann

all photos by Lothar Silbe

2012: Cry Havoc Festval

"All over me"
Kathrin Wienzek, Artur Molin

"West Wing"
Aliye Inceöz, Gaby Hopfenmüller

Nicolai Fritzsche, Maria Valentina Kiefer

Martin Koob, Johanna Lücker

2012: Boston Marriage by David Mamet

tn_BM-3    tn_BM-1    tn_BM-4

2012: Curtain Up by Peter Quilter


Kathrin Wienzek, Tania Pettersson, Aliye Inceöz, Gaby Hopfenmüller, Rosemary Bock

2011: Happy End by Berthold Brecht and Music ba Kurt Weill

HE_43    HE_166    HE_98
HE_177    HE_186    HE_26
HE_34    HE_58

2011: Dial "M" for Murder by Frederick Knott


2011: Comic Potential by Alan Ayckbournm


2010: A Christmas Carol by Doris Baizley after Charles Dickens

CC_02    CC_372    CC_384
CC_387    CC_389    CC_390
CC_394    CC_397    CC_410

2010: Beggars Opera by John Gay

beggars1    beggars2    beggars3

2009: Semblance of Madness by John H Newmeir


2009: Finding the sun by Edward Albee


2009: The Gift Exchange by Greg Turner

Gift1    Gift2    Gift3
Aliye Inceöz, Gaby Hopfenmüller   Martin Koob, George ...   George, Gaby, Aliye, Martin

2008: Deckchairs by Jean McConnell

Deck1    Deck2    Deck3
Larry ..., Julie Pownall   Aliye Inceöz, Julie Pownall   Larry ..., Julie Pownall

2007: Educating Rita by Willy Russel

Rita1    Rita2
Gaby Hopfenmüller, Martin Koob   Gaby Hopfenmüller, Martin Koob